Present Programs

At BCFCC, we see it as an honor to serve the community, because in doing so we are not just helping our neighbors, but our family as well. In partnership with Starke Church of God by Faith we provided the following services:


Food & Clothing Pantry

Opened to the community every 1st & 3rd Thursday from 10 am-noon, in the Fellowship Hall at Starke Church of God by Faith. Our food & clothing pantry serves families from all over the community, providing mainly non perishables and sometimes poultry, seafood and dairy items.

Second Harvest Food Giveaway

Our partnership with Second Harvest allows us to provide food items we are unable to house in our food pantry. Families are given veggies, breads, cakes and deli items among other assorted foods. The Second Harvest Food distribution takes place every second Wednesday of the month from 10 am until all food is given away.


Past Programs

Through grant funding and the generosity of citizens, Bradford County Faith Community Center, Inc., has offered the following services to the community:

HIV Testing & Counseling

State funded program designed to heighten awareness of an individual’s HIV status and identify risky sexual  behaviors and hopefully change their habits and patterns.

Making Ends Meet

Empowering individuals to become financially savvy with an easy-to-understand format focusing on the basics of budgeting. This class was taught to two targeted groups: coed, and single mothers.

Start Something

 A six week course designed to teach children to   believe in themselves and to dream big.  Emphasis are placed on behavior, character and social skills.  Curriculum developed by The Tiger Woods  Foundation and Target.

Abstinence Education

Designed for middle schoolers to educate them on the positivity and health factors of maintaining purity until marriage .


 Funded by the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Neighborhood Accountability Board, comprised of adult citizens of the community, form a panel, listen to cases from first time offenders referred by DJJ and pass down a penalty to keep the youth offender accountable and out of the DJJ system. Allowing them the opportunity for redemption without a record.