TALKS – Transferring A Little Knowledge Systematically

TALKS Male Thesis Statement:
 “Every boy needs a man in his face challenging him with wisdom regarding critical issues and decisions in his life”.
Dr. Harold Davis
TALKS Female Thesis Statement:
 “Every girl needs a woman in her world challenging her with wisdom regarding critical issues and decisions in her life”.
Dr. Ollie Watts Davis
TALKS utilizes a content-based curriculum that covers issues such as respect, peer pressure, relationships with siblings, anger management, work ethic, understanding different races and cultures, and having a positive attitude. Each week, students and their mentor spend 30-45 minutes at their school working on a lesson in the curriculum. Students read passages along with their mentors and discuss the relevance of each topic in their own lives. Each chapter includes suggested questions for the mentor to ask the students and quotes for the children to memorize, to help mentors build a “bridge” of wisdom for these children. Key programmatic features of TALKS include teaching children how to disagree in a respectful manner, use of the dictionary as a fun learning tool, memorization of wisdom-filled quotes, and weekly recitation of the TALKS thesis statement.
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